My Current Workout Guide

First off im going to say that every week isnt the same but i do try and keep the workouts very similar it all depends on getting my workouts in around my work scheduel. I usually stick to around 3 workouts a week, all of them being weight training sessions. I stick to 45 minutes sessions only due to loss in hormone levels and cortisol build up in the muscles which would cause an adverse effect on my training. Im just about to add a 4th session in every week if i can to include my legs in my workouts as i have discovered that building up the leg muscles releases chemicals and more free testostorone in the body which can elevate levels of growth all around the body.
Depending on my work schedule I tend to start on days with numbers rather than actual dates.
So it goes roughly like this:

Day one

Back and biceps
3 exercises for the back 2-3 exercises for the biceps

Day two off

Day three
Chest and triceps
3 exercises chest and 3 exercise for triceps

Day four off

Day five
Shoulders, Traps, abs
3 exercises shoulders, 1-2 exercises traps, 2 exercises abs/obliques

Day six off

Day seven off

Back to day one. I would say i do this workout for about 8 weeks at a time, this is usually when your body needs to be punished with matrix's or supersets, consisting off a totally different workout designed to take your body of its normal workout plan and to shock your muscles into a bit of change, this will stimulate new growth and help to throw your body out of its comfort zone. Id say after doing this at the 8 week point id then go on to slightly change things around in my workouts, so instead of deadlifting last, i would deadlift first, keeping your body guessing is a good way to stimulate new muscle growth. After a few weeks of that i would go back to my original workout as i no this is the best way i grow muscle.

I stick to around 5 sets per exercise, 2 sets being warm up sets so, low to meduim weight around 12 reps, filling my muscles with blood and warming them up efficiently. I then do 3 working sets heavy weight, around 8 reps, no more than 10 or the weight is to light, no less than 6 otherwise its to heavy. I stop if im losing my form and drop the weight down to a lighter one, one of the major keys to weight lifting is practicing correct form at all times. Also when i train each muscle group i like to only do 3 exercises in total, making sure i dont over train a certain area to much.

When i do my back, i like to do my lats first, then do a bent over row to hit the middle of my back, then doing a deadlift to hit the bottom of my back. Same with my chest, i do a flat bench press, then i do either a cable cross over to hit the bottom and inside of my chest or a decline dumbell press for example to hit the lower pectoral area. I also then do a incline dumbell fly to hit upper and outside chest. There are all sorts of different ways to train different parts these are just my favourite techniques and are just a few ideas for possible exercises.

Everyone trains differently because their bodies grow and react differently while doing different exercises, some work for some people and for others they dont work. You just have to find what works for you.