My Progression

I decided to make a page to show you my progressive photos so you can see what i was like before and after. I started training in 2009. It hasn't taken me all this time to get to this stage before you start worrying about how long its goin to take to make some sort of transformation! I made many mistakes when i started training, many obvious mistakes, many simple mistakes and some, well not so obvious!

To start with my biggest mistake was my diet, they say 70% of bodybuilding is diet, and 30% is training. I was 70% training and more like 30% diet. I wasn't eating anywhere near the right amount of food, and mainly eat junk food. I kept making excuses to myself that im a natural ectomorph meaning i could eat as much as i liked and i wasnt goin to put anysize on whatsoever. I also had people around me saying that i didnt have the right body for the gym. Tall and gangly was the best way to describe me. The next mistake was not enough rest, i would train and train but not sleep enough, late nights out or just late nights mongin it on the xbox or internet and minimal sleep before work the next day. This way i was in no way going to be able to grow. Next mistake...the supplement mistake, the mistake all new gym users make, the one where they think miracles come from supplements, well you know what? They dont, supplements are merely a small helping hand which are really not needed, unless they are essential like amino acids or vitamins etc. All supplements can be found in food, vitamins and minerals in fruit and veg, and amino acids in meat etc So spending crazy amounts of money on supplements and hoping they had magic powers is what i fooled myself into for a long time. I hope by you reading this you wont make the same mistake.

Finally i decided to grow up and research everything about unatural and natural bodybuilding, i read books, magazines, read through articles on the internet and allsorts of other ways. One of the best ways to find things out is asking people, alot of people tend to struggle with there egos this way but honestly get past it and ask people in the gym they are bound to be the most knowledgable people!

I'd like to state one thing whilst you may glance through these photos, i have honestly never touched any sport enhancing drugs, and cant ever imagining myself doing so. Im a firm beliver in doing it the natural way.