Bulking Diet

Meal One
Porridge oats and water or low fat milk. (I prefer to use soya milk as it is low in fat, its not dairy and its high in protein its also a vegetable and is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.)
350ml of egg whites cooked
1 Banana or fruit juice

Meal two

150gs of long grain brown rice
200gs of chicken, turkey or tuna
Generous serving of mixed veg

Meal three

1 Large baked potato, or 4 or 5 small new potatoes
200gs of white meat as above

Meal four

150gs of wholemeal pasta
200gs of lean steak

Pre workout

30 mins before
20gs of whey protein (shake)
Caffeine supplement and creatine supplement

Post workout

40gs of whey protein (shake)
1 banana
Creatine supplement
Glutamine supplement

Meal five

200gs of cooked salmon or any type of fish
4 or 5 small new potatoes
mixed veg

Meal six

Casein protein shake (slow release)
or tin of tuna, cottage cheese etc some sort of protein blend, no carbs.

This meal plan can be changed its just a basic lay out for how a bulking diet looks. So depending on what you like, what you can and cant eat other options are available just look around when you go shopping for a similar product that has roughly the same carb levels etc

Throughout the day i would advise to drink around 8-12 glasses of water it is a must to keep your body fully hydrated at all times.